Prestige takes swachh idea to gas stoves - an swachh bharat inspried idead -analysis

It is very refreshing to see how Indian brand prestige leveraging the good ideas and associate them with the very well accepted concept in indian society. swachh Bharath mission started by pm Narendra Modi received much support and accolades from all over the nation, probably prestige is trying to emulate this idea in their product range as well.

1. Svachh pressure cooker – which had a deep lid with spillage control that prevents froth from flowing down the cooker.

Spillage is a common problem is a pain point in the kitchen. 

2. Now Svachh Gas stove – Again addressing a major pain point in the kitchen

Idea can be copied by other competitors as well but, Now prestige is beginning to taking on a new brand image, as innovator and market leader in the market space