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Google Adwords Management (GAM)

Types of Google Ads

When you are surfing internet especially google   You must have seen the standard text ads that shows @ top of the absolute top of  Google results page when you type a query into the search bar. These are Known as  “text ads” and are the Foundation stone of the Google Search Network. They can be super effective and are very essential to many businesses’ marketing  people . However, do you want to know about all the other ad formats Google offers? What if you’re a simple retailer marketer with small inventory? What if you’re trying to make you’r customers to download your app?

Standard Text Ads

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Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)

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Ad Type : Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)

Dynamic search ads offer an automated ad type in that they populate search ads automatically with content from your website. These ads are meant to be used with well-developed websites that have clear categories of content and a large inventory of products. DSAs use the content housed on your website to target your ads to users searching for similar products or services. This saves you a lot of time in setup and ensures you are using keywords you may otherwise have missed. However, the automation factor means you have little control over what exactly your ad will say. Google does its best to keep the content relevant to the pages you specify. If you’re selling different product lines or even just one range of products, you can upload a product feed for Google to create these ad types.

Ad Type : App Promotion Ads

App promotion ads do exactly what they sound like: promote app downloads. These ads are mostly run on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, but can also run on platforms with the Google Search and Display Networks, including Google Play, YouTube and Google Discover.

Google Ad-words Management in Bangalore

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