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Digital Marketing in a NUTSHELL (Over view of entire digital marketing

Digitial Marketing Complete Summary in 10 Min Read .

Digital marketing consists of these different aspects, we have a website, social media, SEO, content marketing, SEM, community building, customer service, inbound lead nurturing, email marketing and PPC. these are the main building blocks of digital marketing so let me explain to them one by one so you’re very clear on how all of these integrate together, so let’s start first is your website.

so there are 4 types of websites you got your main corporate website which is like your business website what about information, then you have landing pages which are more to do with collecting leads like you know if any kind of leads to capture like an e-book download or a webinar download webinar access all of these would come under the landing page, it’s a different type of a web page then you have blogs, later the websites which are more to do with high information content high informational content more in terms of you know you want to share articles and so on then you have eCommerce websites where you can sell products online like Shopify and Magento and you’ve got different you know themes there – eCommerce so these are the four types of websites.

which is the home which is the hub of your activity then comes social media under social media you’ve got Facebook Linkedin Instagram Twitter YouTube and more and this is how I would look at it so Facebook is like home LinkedIn is like an office Instagram is like a funhouse which is more visual Twitter is more for short messaging in the connection you know the connection with people and YouTube is where you actually watch videos and learn things like how to do stuff and you can actually see the music and access to movies and get more entertained that’s an entertainment zone okay of your house and there are many more like Snapchat and many other platforms that there are but India if you see India is a Facebook country in the Facebook is number one and then you have LinkedIn which is number two in the u.s. Facebook is number one twitter is number two in places like the Middle East and a few parts of Africa I see Instagram is more prominent over there and in a places like Australia and Canada Facebook is number one but reddit is more popular over there red it is another social bookmarking type of website so again based on the geography there are different social media platforms which have more prominence so that is social media.



what is SEO ?

SEO is search engine optimization. SEO is nothing but how you can rank on page one on google organically organically, means without paying any money . You may have SEO agencies like DJTECHSOL  where you pay money so that they can get you on on top of the newsfeed, but of course it’s a very competitive space but in essence how you can write articles and blog so that you can come up on the first page of Google is what is SEO, now in SEO there is off page and there’s on-page SEO okay on page SEO is what you do on your website in terms of the content that you write in terms of the image that that you actually add and how you optimize your web pages to load fast to make it mobile friendly and everything to do with the on-page optimization for it to rank but that’s not enough you also need to do something off of page of pages if you’re having many other websites pointing back to your main website then in Google’s eyes is going to be adding more credibility to your main website and that’s why they’re gonna rank you on the first page in the first top three ranks so SEO is a game of its own it keeps changing and the algorithms keep changing so that is another piece of the digital puzzle then you have content marketing more advanced content marketing.  video marketing is actually sharing with you some really valuable information so besides this blogging would come under content marketing doing podcasts as well as the business impact podcast that could also come under content marketing and webinars so webinars are like a movie so all these short videos.


webinars so webinars is like a movie so all these short videos , webinars are more deeper level for 45 minutes one hour even two hours and that’s like the movie so how I look at this whole digital game is that as you keep getting different pieces of content on social media and short videos all those trailer pieces of content. SEM is search engine marketing okay so search engine marketing is running ads on Google, so if you go in search on google for apartments in Bangalore or apartments in Chennai or if you say for best shoes Nike shoes you’re going to be getting a lot of ads on Google search and these are all search engine marketing ads and you can run different types of ads through the Google AdWords Network you can run our textual ads you can run display ad networks like banner ads based on different websites as well as you can run video ads so you might have watched YouTube and your going and watching the video you see an ad coming right that is also served through the Google AdWords engine and that’s called SEM search engine marketing and you are providing your marketing a product based on search that’s another piece of the puzzle then you have committed community and customer service where you can have live interaction with your customers and also use chat BOTS chat BOTS is a big thing right now where the entire customer service and responses can be you know taking care of by chat BOTS , next inbound lead nurturing so let’s say you create a lead magnet like a free ebook giveaway or a free webinar once people become a lead you need to nurture,them through an email sequence or what I call as an email autoresponder sequence.

which you can program now all of this comes on the inbound email nurturing inbound is you know leads coming to you and nurturing those leads and getting those leads into sales that’s another piece of the digital pie here and then you have the the core email marketing which is sending out use that or sending out broadcasts and promotional mailers for people to really come to you and buy your product and service so this is another piece of the puzzle and finally your PPC which is Facebook Ads Facebook PPC , PPC the full form is pay-per-click okay so Facebook ads the ads that you see right now on Facebook in the newsfeed on the right side you would see ads in you know in your mobile newsfeed you would see ads on Instagram all of this can be fed to the Facebook engine and that’s another piece of the puzzle because Google Ads also technically comes on the PPC though it’s also terminologies as SEM but yes you can run ads even on LinkedIn on Twitter or Instagram and many other social media platforms like you can super target people based on this so in essence this is a crash course in digital marketing. I’ll be sharing with you some really powerful strategies that can help you grow your business online cheers.

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