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Our Services

Google Ads

20,000 ₹ Min Spend

Facebook Ads

20,000 ₹ Min Spend

Instagram Ads

20,000 ₹ Min Spend

Linked In Ads

20,000 ₹ Min Spend

Twitter Ads

20,000 ₹ Min Spend

Pintrest ads

20,000 ₹ Min Spend


20,000 ₹ Min Spend

YouTube Ads

20,000 ₹ Min Spend

Hotstar, Ads OTT

20,000 ₹ Min Spend


1,00,000 ₹ Min Spend

Logo Design

Logo Design Agency in Bangalore - - digitaljourney - dj tech sol

10,000 ₹ Min Spend

3 D Product Animation

60,000 ₹ Min Spend

Website Design - UX/UI

User Experince / User interface

50,000 ₹ Min Spend

Website Development

Best WEbsite development agency in Bangalore

50,000 ₹ Min Spend


20,000 ₹ Min Spend

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About Us

DJ Tech Sol is a Ad Agency. We Think,Live and Breath Ads.

  • We Take Actions Based on Data & Our Research.
  • We Are a Perfect Blend of Technical & Creative Skills.
  • We Believe What We Give is What we Get. We are all about giving more.


DJ Tech Sol or DJ(Digital Journey) Tech Sol Started in the year 2017 in a small garage, with 3 engineers and grown since then. We are a perfect blend of right-brain logical people and left brain creative people. Our goal, is to build something which will give us a great sense of satisfaction, This is why we woke up today morning with joy and this why sleep well tonight!!


To Provide Best Digital Marketing services for all kinds of business regardless of their budget 

Our Global Team

Highly Motivated Team focused on sucess

Every last member of our team is motivated to make thing happen for our clients .

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